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Access Advisor

What is Access Advisor? is the enhanced program that verifies and designates accessibility levels; it consists of four designations and is applied to all types of businesses, including restaurants, shops, transportation, communities and public / private facilities. is a voluntary program and all participating establishments have been verified, to ensure they meet all standards. All participating establishments are identified with indoor and / or outdoor signage. Please contact the establishment directly to ensure your specific needs can be met.

Full Mobile Accessible

Full Mobile Accessible -
Accessible to persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or other mobility assistive device.

Partially Accessible

Partially Accessible –
Accessible or partially accessible to persons with varied levels of disability including difficulty with mobility, reflexes, and strength.

Hearing Accessible

Hearing Accessible –
Accessible to persons with partial hearing loss to total hearing loss.

Sight Accessible

Sight Accessible –
Accessible to persons with partial sight impairment to total blindness.

How much does participation in the program cost?

See our fee structure here:

Fee Schedule

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