Welcome Programs

Welcome Programs

A range of Welcome Programs have been developed to enable our operators to further market themselves in niche markets, and to guide consumers with a range of specialized interests to those establishments that pay particular attention to their varied needs. The programs, based on the provision of facilities and services, recognize the special efforts made by operators to provide for visitors.

Cyclists Welcome



Establishments displaying the Cyclists Welcome logo provide additional facilities for visitors touring by bicycle, such as bicycle racks, pump and tools, storage, etc…

Motorcycles Welcome



Establishments displaying the Motorcycles Welcome logo provide additional facilities for visitors touring by motorcycle, such as motorcycle storage, clothes drying area, tools, etc…

Green Destination



Establishments displaying the Green Destination logo are committed to the environment, encouraging their guests to participate in green practices.

Pets are Welcome



Establishments displaying the Pets Welcome logo are committed to providing pet owners with pet essentials such as food and drink bowls, leash, waste disposal bags, etc… if needed

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