wheelchair_push_door1What is is the enhanced program that verifies and designates accessibility levels; it consists of four designations and is applied to all types of businesses, including restaurants, shops, transportation, communities and public / private facilities. is a voluntary program and all participating establishments have been verified, to ensure they meet all standards. Participation fees can be found by clicking here.

All participating establishments are identified with indoor and / or outdoor signage.

Please contact the establishment directly to ensure your specific needs can be met.




Full Mobile Accessible – Accessible to persons requiring the use of a wheelchair or other mobility assistive device.





Partially Accessible – Accessible or partially accessible to persons with varied levels of disability including difficulty with mobility, reflexes, and strength.





Hearing Accessible – Accessible to persons with partial hearing loss to total hearing loss






Sight Accessible – Accessible to persons with partial sight impairment to total blindness


Please visit for more information and to view a complete database of verified locations.

Click here for a list of participating Nova Scotia accessadvisor establishments